Sometimes the book shopping is the best part of the trip!

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Georgia Book Trail - Small Map: 32.324276, -82.902832
Yes! There are still great places to shop for books all across the state of Georgia. Small, independent operators–people like you, who are passionate about books–are operating good old fashioned bookshops, places where you can relax and enjoy hunting for your reading and collecting passions in used books, local authors, paperback and hardcover fiction, antiquarian first editions, signed and autographed books, classic paperbacks, obscure non-fiction volumes, old maps, and ephemera–the stuff you thought you had to go on the Internet to find!
We encourage internet book shopping, and we know the pleasures of finding a treasure on the Internet, but we can also enjoy the pleasures of poking around in a nice, well organized bookstore.
We invite you to use the Georgia Book Trail website to explore book shopping opportunities for your day trips, commutes, family visits, getaway weekends, and treks across the state of Georgia.
Use our maps and Google’s directions to plan your route, make as many stops as you can, and leave some Google reviews to help the next book hunter down the trail.
Some stores will let you use the wi-fi, serve you a cup of coffee, or give you advice on a good place to eat nearby. You just might return home feeling good, with a stack to provide hours of entertainment. You might even come home with something of lasting value!
Each independently owned and operated store is represented on the Georgia Book Trail map by a red map marker. Click on the red map markers to identify bookstores that are on near your route. Zoom in on the map to get down to specific areas of the state.
Each information bubble contains links to help plan your next destination book shopping trip:
  • bookstore websites
  • Google Maps information pages
  • hours of operation
  • directions from where you live
Happy hunting!
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